I’ve been taking photographs for many decades now.
I have a BA in photography, not that I think it shows.

Starting with black & white when aged less than 10, developing at home in my father’s shed (mostly due to cost) I found colour inspiration at college from photographers like Richard Misrach, Martin Parr and my college friend Martin Breschinski.  But I cannot take photos like them, partly because I do not have their ability and also because, although I love images of people, I find it very difficult to invade their privacy.  After college, with this new found colour expertise, I took fewer and fewer photographs and eventually stopped completely (with the exception of recording family life – we had a daughter!).  I also stopped because I found photography can easily get in the way of an experience; seeing everything through the eye of a lens as opposed to feeling the happening.

Quite recently I switched my camera to display and record black & white and my love instantly rebounded and now I just can’t take enough.  Though I do need to start remembering to take my camera with me again as I’m out of that habit and have missed some great shots.

I have a feeling that for many years I have taken photographs I think other people will like.  Maybe I have finally broken that restriction and at last started to take (and now display) the images I feel affinity for.

I do very little to my photographs as I prefer to show the reality of them, not what I feel they should be.  I’m also a little lazy in that area and simply can’t be bothered.  So I might remove a distracting highlight but do not use filters, nor increase the contrast nor brighten the image.  No, that’s not totally true – sometimes I use a polarising filter.

I also tend towards unbalance and don’t mind if the focus is on the background.
So I guess my guidance is on the feel of the image and I’m less worried about portraying exactly what it is.

Since starting this blog, I have had some ‘likes’ and also now have some followers.
I am a little shocked at that.  And very humble that anyone would want to.
To all those people – thank you very much for giving me that energy.

Mat Al